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Fifth Dimension will captivate, amaze and inspire your audience with their magic.

Fifth Dimension are a team of magicians and presenters that have performed across the globe, from Singapore and Thailand to Hollywood and Las Vegas. At home in front of audiences large and small, Fifth Dimension thrive on interaction whether entertaining at corporate and private events, delivering Health and Safety presentations, team development workshops, or giving keynote speeches at high-profile business conferences.

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  • Ivor Smith

    by Ivor Smith

    21st Mar 2022

    Tales from the Fifth Dimension

    If there’s one thing the pandemic has done, it’s given me plenty of time to reflect and look back on my career in magic with Fifth Dimension. We’ve had many varied and fun adventures through magic over the years (with many more to come, I hope) and I thought some of our tales may be of interest. Here’s some tales from our first visit to perform at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

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  • Ivor Smith

    by Ivor Smith

    25th Jan 2022

    15 Minute Energisers

    For only £99 (including VAT) we will drop into your online team meeting to deliver an engaging, inspiring, thought provoking, interactive, fun 15-minute magical presentation.

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  • Probably the best safety training session I have ever experienced.

  • Very powerful, insightful, thought provoking and clear Safety messaging on life impacting topics- delivered in a uniquely stimulating, fun and memorable way…leaving us hungry for more.

  • Thanks again, the feedback has been excellent. The Aircraft Carrier Alliance SHE team have spoken highly of the session.

  • Well, what can I say……..what a truly fantastic safety training concept and presentation!! Any company out there who is struggling to motivate a multi cultural workforce, working globally in diverse and challenging environments, to think SAFETY, should give Fifth Dimension a call right now. Highly imaginative and entertaining presentations with never a dull moment throughout and a completely different way to get key safety messages to your teams in a memorable way. Hiring these guys was the best management decision I’ve made in a long time and was worth every penny.

  • I was first introduced to Fifth Dimension during a business network event, I was one of 24 people in the room and from the moment the presentation started we were all totally engaged. Following the event I knew I had to engage with Jeff and Ivor within my own business. They delivered three sessions for me to a mix of people on Health & Safety Awareness The method of delivery is both refreshing and dynamic. It is not very often an awareness session on health and safety is so engaging, however, Fifth Dimension have put a great deal of thought into the presentation and using their magic which at times is mind blowing, makes for a very entertaining and thought provoking session. A must for any business!

  • Many of the participants on the course arrive in the training room thinking “oh no…not another health & safety course”. We wanted to be able to engage them right from the start so that they would see the value in developing a positive safety culture and following the management system. The way the Fifth Dimension team pulled together HS&E and magic was extremely insightful, entertaining and engaging. It’s been great to be able to link back to your presentation as we delivered key lessons throughout the day. Your H&S Presentation has been a massive success and consistently rates in the top 5 activities when we evaluate how much participants enjoyed the activity and how much they perceive that they learned from it.

  • It was an excellent session where our specific HSE requirements were conveyed to the audience in an interesting and exciting manner. For hours after the event people were still talking about the ‘magically enhanced’ presentation but more importantly they were discussing the key messages contained which was exactly as we had hoped. I cannot recommend Jeff and Ivor of Fifth Dimension highly enough.

  • I highly recommend using Fifth Dimension to help focus any team on high performance with safety. We had them facilitate several workshops with our rig teams prior to bringing new drilling rigs into our operations. They used their impressive communication and magic skills to effectively engage the teams and help us deliver record-breaking performance in efficiency and safety.

  • With their safety-related magical presentations Jeff and Ivor got us to think differently about safety culture, behaviours and interventions. Their fresh, engaging and interactive approach to behavioural safety has lead us all to think about safety in a different way, which has inspired many useful conversations since.

  • Many thanks for the event last week at Carlsberg. Without exception the feedback was excellent from across the business and your delivery style and message held the attention of all the room throughout the day.

  • The sessions were fantastic, and the feedback the same.

  • Thanks very much for tailoring your sessions to our current campaign. The sessions were very well received by all and feedback has been fantastic.

  • With their tailored magical presentations the Fifth Dimension team challenged us to think differently about safety culture and behaviours. A great contribution to our day which has inspired many useful conversations within our organisation

  • By introducing an element of fun to the serious subject of safety you capture the attention of the audience which increases the likelihood of the message being absorbed. I haven’t had any negative feedback from anyone! That’s a major achievement when it comes to safety meetings.

  • Fifth Dimension delivered a fantastic presentation and the session was thoroughly enjoyed by all! The message relayed to the attendees was well received and all can take learning/inspiration from it.

  • Your presentation was great and it really made our Global Safety Day a success. I got a lot of positive feedback from the attendees and will be commending you to others both within and outside Cabot Corporation. Your HSE presentation was educational, entertaining, fun and possibly most importantly, memorable! I believe the issues you raised will be better retained in peoples minds through your visual magic tricks, which linked so well to the health & safety principals being taught.

  • Fifth Dimension continue to impress with their ability to build our own key messages and themes into their magical performances. I have now seen them present to small groups of Safety Reps and to large audiences of senior health and safety professionals and no matter what the size of the audience, their ability to engage, entertain and educate has been consistent and well-received

  • Fifth Dimension have now attended both our offshore supervisors and management seminars and provided engaging and relevant interventions during breaks in presentations and as energisers. Their unique and apparently understated approach catches the audience’s attention in a very effective manner and once hooked Jeff and Bill landed them each time ! The blend of humour & magic delivered a very powerful HSE message in an unusual way. Their ability to link up the messages within the presentations and seminar themes is extremely clever and reinforces these messages with the audience.

  • I just wanted to write and say a heartfelt thanks for your session at last week’s HSSE team away day. The team had not been brought together in living memory and it was a big step forward to get the agreement to have such a session. Your session was great to get people in the right frame of mind, and establish the type of event we were aiming for. I’m still amazed by the 3 Hearts invisible card trick – wow. So just again, thanks for a brilliant session and helping us to have the session we really needed to have as a team.

  • Thank you both very much for the excellent presentations. Everyone has been talking about them all day!

    Your unique take on the subject of health and safety seems to have made an impact and has certainly created a buzz around the topic. It was a refreshing change from all the dull powerpoint presentations of the past. The way you involved everyone was a really good touch and the feedback I’ve been getting from everyone has been really positive which is fantastic.

  • Many thanks for your presentation delivering very powerful HSE messages through an extremely entertaining session. The feedback was very positive and your performance initiated some enthusiastic discussion afterwards, specifically around the last act involving issues of intervention.

  • Fifth Dimension have helped facilitate HES training workshops for the crews of five new build drilling rigs. Their skills in communicating the message in fresh and creative ways have greatly enhanced the workshops and completely captivated the participants. Their magic tricks make the message memorable and ensure the audience is stimulated and challenged as well as entertained.

  • Great show and awesome job of tying in our Perfect HSE Days and Interdependent Safety Culture programs.

  • Fifth Dimension had an interesting approach to teaching human factors. They delivered powerful sessions and relating magic to patient safety was brilliant. The message from Fifth Dimension is a perfect end to the day.

  • Fifth Dimension’s involvement in both team building sessions was invaluable. The activities you organised greatly helped the guys relate to the key messages about leadership, team work and having fun in the process.

  • Just wanted to say thank you for a great team building event. The feedback is very good. It was excellent from start to finish. Very professionally done.

  • Downhole Products strongly recommend Fifth Dimension to any company considering using their services. Well presented and extremely interesting.

  • All staff comments were really positive. e.g. ‘helped show the importance of teamwork’, ‘It was tailored to our company so was relevant’- fantastic.

  • For a company trying to do things a little bit differently, Fifth Dimension’s offer suited us to a ‘T’. You translated exactly what we were trying to achieve from our brief and assisted us in holding a very successful event.

  • The Fifth Dimension approach accelerates the forming, storming and norming phases and gets the team performing much sooner and more effectively than it otherwise would. Your involvement was both welcome and constructive.

  • Our staff thought this was one of the best staff development sessions ever. They took on board the very serious messages behind the fun and started to question their own behaviour when working as part of a team. Fifth Dimension got the measure of our staff pretty quickly and brought out the best (and worst) in them. A great success.

  • Excellent service and event, great feedback from staff. Just the right mix of activities for everyone to enjoy.

  • The Fifth Dimension event was just what was needed to stimulate some different thought processes in our overall strategic thinking.

  • Excellent – it really brought people together and made a serious point about teamwork in an enjoyable way. A number of staff commented on the valuable opportunity to work “outside the box” and welcomed the reminder about team dynamics which are often lost during the “rat race.

  • Thanks for your input on what was a great learning opportunity. It was so refreshing and liberating. Several people have already approached me to say how much they enjoyed the day.

  • Everyone who took part in the day was delighted with 5th Dimension’s contribution and how much you all ensured that the various messages were received and understood clearly, unforgettably and with humour.

  • Most of what we do succeeds or fails based on our ability to communicate.
    From the feedback received from my team, it is clear Fifth Dimension have found a unique and effective way of inspiring people to think and interact in a different way.
    An excellent afternoon of fun and inspiration. Thank You.

  • Fifth Dimension are the pinnacle of a service provider.
    They listen intently to the challenges of our business and with minimal effort on our side, they are able to construct a plan tailored to precisely the needs of RFD. This includes making our events and exhibitions the best show in town, or promoting team building within our organisation to face serious challenges and progress both the individual and collective.
    And by the way……it is all done through magic which we spend hours post work trying to figure out how on earth they can do it in front of our very eyes.
    Amazingly cool guys who we hope to work with for years to come!

  • We asked the Fifth Dimension team to facilitate an extremely important annual workshop for us based on word of mouth and first hand testimony from those who had previously engaged with them. From the outset it was clear these guys were no ordinary facilitation team. They engaged with us well before the event, did their research on the attendees, and in every way took time to prepare and personalise the event to our specific needs and requests. What resulted was a fun, interactive, informative, and compelling couple of days with the team from Fifth Dimension engaging with members of the workshop on many levels. The magical interventions, whilst impressive throughout, were especially welcome during the evening informal meetings and although these moments prompted many discussions, they were never so much in focus so as to lose the emphasis on the members and purpose of the workshop. All in all, we were delighted with our choice, and would have no hesitation in recommending them for similar events.

  • I had attended their training sessions before and was always impressed at how they grabbed and maintained the audience’s attention by utilising magic to present traditional business messages. The engagement experienced by our audience at this pitch training was no exception. Feedback from clients on the course was extremely positive and the audience were visibly laughing and enjoying the content whilst learning skills that they later went on to utilise. I would not hesitate to recommend Fifth Dimension for training on any topic with their magically enhanced slant. Unique and certainly effective.

  • It was excellent to have you on the stand.

  • The experience with Fifth Dimension was *exceptional*….you contributed greatly to our success.

  • … really helped in pulling customers to the booth … very effective indeed … added to the booth staff’s morale and energy to pursue business opportunities.

  • You were brilliant

  • We were able to engage and retain exhibition goers on our stand longer enabling us to present our corporate message to an interested audience

  • You were terrific! That was the largest crowd I’ve ever seen in our booth at SPWLA. Bottom line —You really helped us make a great splash!

  • Jeff’s ability to link ABB’s key messages at Offshore Europe 2015 with the magic he performed on our stand was FABULOUS! Jeff ‘wowed’ visitors on to our stand with his tricks and charismatic and engaging style. I would recommend Jeff and Fifth Dimension to assist any company wishing to promote their message in a unique and fun way.

  • We were looking to create interest for our stand prior to the event, and a performance to draw visitors and clients on the day. Ivor helped by first understanding our business requirements for the Expo and creating a unique experience at the Expo tailored to our business key messages. This allowed us to create an Invite to all our clients and prospects ensuring we had maximum exposure leading up to the event.

    On the day Ivor truly exceeded our expectations with his combination of magic and commercial awareness, a real buzz was created which drew a considerable number of visitors which in turn lead to business leads and opportunities.

    I would recommend Ivor at Fifth Dimension to companies who need maximise their exposure at events, and give a truly memorable performance which will have people talking about their business.

  • Excellent entertainment… the highlight was definitely the magic performed at the tables!

  • Original, innovative, intelligent entertainment

  • What a great night

  • Rarely have I seen an audience enjoy itself so much. I was in stitches

  • We both want to thank you so much for the entertainment at our wedding. Our guests can’t stop talking about it. Thanks again for making our special day more magical!

  • The magicians were excellent and very professional.

  • Provided a great icebreaker for the wedding, particularly when many people did not know each other. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated you being there & all our guests thought it was a great idea.

  • We thought the magic show was brilliant. Everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks again for contributing to our very special day.

  • Everyone was thoroughly impressed by the close up magic. A real hit and great talking point. Thank you so much.

  • The magic was enjoyed by all – we especially liked the unobtrusive presentation at the tables that did not detract in any way from the meal we were eating. It was exactly what we wanted and contributed to a very happy day.

  • Brilliant performance, I would recommend you to anyone.

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