15 Minute Energisers

Posted by Ivor Smith on 25 January 2022 | 0 Comments Articles

We’ve brought back our popular 15 minute Energisers for a limited time only – available until the 29th February 2022.

For only £99 (including VAT) we will drop into your online team meeting to deliver an engaging, inspiring, thought provoking, interactive, fun 15-minute magical presentation.

Sessions typically cover safety, teamwork, leadership or communication – however we are happy to tailor any session to your specific needs.

Typical messages covered include:

  • The importance of adopting new ways of working and thinking
  • Culture leadership is a behaviour not a position – we are all responsible for promoting a positive company culture
  • Peter Drucker said “the best way to predict the future is to create it” – we need to create the future together
  • Working together – listening, learning, and not making assumptions
  • Communication – or as we prefer, conversation
  • Planning – including reference to ensuring new work practices because of Covid-19
  • Collaboration
  • Importance of following procedures
  • Caring for each other – mental health aspects and good practice.

Get in touch to book your team session now.

“Fifth Dimension brought some fun and excitement to our Operations meeting. In 15 minutes they not only got everyone’s camera on (some for this first time since March) but they also got everyone participating which benefited the rest of the meeting. It was great to have Ivor and Jeff perform, they showed how communication and supporting each other when working from home is not only key to the organisation but also for the individuals.”
Adrian Turberfield
Project Manager
International Wells Control Forum

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