Teaming with Excitement, Fun and Creativity

Businesses are constantly evolving, and with progress comes a need for change.

Fifth Dimension’s Magically Enhanced Team Development Workshops are a fun and engaging way of delivering a powerful learning experience for your employees than can help increase productivity, improve customer service and empower employees.

Each session is tailored to your company’s specific culture and values, and addresses issues that are relevant to you and your staff. Presented with humour and a hint of magic, Fifth Dimension can provide workshops in any setting – across the globe – for groups of any size.

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  • Fifth Dimension’s involvement in both team building sessions was invaluable. The activities you organised greatly helped the guys relate to the key messages about leadership, team work and having fun in the process.

  • Just wanted to say thank you for a great team building event. The feedback is very good. It was excellent from start to finish. Very professionally done.

  • Downhole Products strongly recommend Fifth Dimension to any company considering using their services. Well presented and extremely interesting.

  • All staff comments were really positive. e.g. ‘helped show the importance of teamwork’, ‘It was tailored to our company so was relevant’- fantastic.

  • For a company trying to do things a little bit differently, Fifth Dimension’s offer suited us to a ‘T’. You translated exactly what we were trying to achieve from our brief and assisted us in holding a very successful event.

  • The Fifth Dimension approach accelerates the forming, storming and norming phases and gets the team performing much sooner and more effectively than it otherwise would. Your involvement was both welcome and constructive.

  • Our staff thought this was one of the best staff development sessions ever. They took on board the very serious messages behind the fun and started to question their own behaviour when working as part of a team. Fifth Dimension got the measure of our staff pretty quickly and brought out the best (and worst) in them. A great success.

  • Excellent service and event, great feedback from staff. Just the right mix of activities for everyone to enjoy.

  • The Fifth Dimension event was just what was needed to stimulate some different thought processes in our overall strategic thinking.

  • Excellent – it really brought people together and made a serious point about teamwork in an enjoyable way. A number of staff commented on the valuable opportunity to work “outside the box” and welcomed the reminder about team dynamics which are often lost during the “rat race.

  • Thanks for your input on what was a great learning opportunity. It was so refreshing and liberating. Several people have already approached me to say how much they enjoyed the day.

  • Everyone who took part in the day was delighted with 5th Dimension’s contribution and how much you all ensured that the various messages were received and understood clearly, unforgettably and with humour.

  • Most of what we do succeeds or fails based on our ability to communicate.
    From the feedback received from my team, it is clear Fifth Dimension have found a unique and effective way of inspiring people to think and interact in a different way.
    An excellent afternoon of fun and inspiration. Thank You.

  • Fifth Dimension are the pinnacle of a service provider.
    They listen intently to the challenges of our business and with minimal effort on our side, they are able to construct a plan tailored to precisely the needs of RFD. This includes making our events and exhibitions the best show in town, or promoting team building within our organisation to face serious challenges and progress both the individual and collective.
    And by the way……it is all done through magic which we spend hours post work trying to figure out how on earth they can do it in front of our very eyes.
    Amazingly cool guys who we hope to work with for years to come!

  • We asked the Fifth Dimension team to facilitate an extremely important annual workshop for us based on word of mouth and first hand testimony from those who had previously engaged with them. From the outset it was clear these guys were no ordinary facilitation team. They engaged with us well before the event, did their research on the attendees, and in every way took time to prepare and personalise the event to our specific needs and requests. What resulted was a fun, interactive, informative, and compelling couple of days with the team from Fifth Dimension engaging with members of the workshop on many levels. The magical interventions, whilst impressive throughout, were especially welcome during the evening informal meetings and although these moments prompted many discussions, they were never so much in focus so as to lose the emphasis on the members and purpose of the workshop. All in all, we were delighted with our choice, and would have no hesitation in recommending them for similar events.

  • I had attended their training sessions before and was always impressed at how they grabbed and maintained the audience’s attention by utilising magic to present traditional business messages. The engagement experienced by our audience at this pitch training was no exception. Feedback from clients on the course was extremely positive and the audience were visibly laughing and enjoying the content whilst learning skills that they later went on to utilise. I would not hesitate to recommend Fifth Dimension for training on any topic with their magically enhanced slant. Unique and certainly effective.

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Our Development Tools

The Inspiration Game™

Taking the form of a lively gameshow, this interactive workshop allows individuals to address a wide variety of issues including communication, project management, problem solving, creativity, time management, planning and the benefits of working in a team. Delivered with Fifth Dimension’s trademark mix of magic and humour, The Inspiration Game™ is an entertaining and inspiring session that is guaranteed to engage your team.

The Games Master™

Designed to build on the work undertaken in The Inspiration Game™, this works equally well as a stand-alone event. Fifth Dimension’s fun interactive workshop helps individuals and teams develop skills that are essential in the workplace, including time management, organisational skills, planning, utilisation of resources, decision making, leadership, creativity and dealing with change.

Confident Individuals™

Focusing on management and leadership in the workplace, this interactive workshop helps individuals explore ways of inspiring confidence in themselves and others. By teaching a variety of juggling techniques, including how to three-ball juggle, Fifth Dimension address these and other issues, including creativity and motivation, in a humorous and engaging way.

Quality Conversations™

Effective organisational and interpersonal communication is essential in any business environment – without it organisations will not survive or develop. Fifth Dimension’s Quality Conversations™ workshop provides an ideal environment to break down barriers in communication, and teach the skills required to improve communication in the workplace. Throughout the session they will cover key topics including tone and body language, emails, miscommunication, and respect.