Teaming with Excitement, Fun and Creativity

Businesses are constantly evolving, and with progress comes a need for change.

Fifth Dimension’s Magically Enhanced Team Development Workshops are a fun and engaging way of delivering a powerful learning experience for your employees than can help increase productivity, improve customer service and empower employees.

Each session is tailored to your company’s specific culture and values, and addresses issues that are relevant to you and your staff. Presented with humour and a hint of magic, Fifth Dimension can provide workshops in any setting – across the globe – for groups of any size.

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Our Development Tools

The Inspiration Game™

Taking the form of a lively gameshow, this interactive workshop allows individuals to address a wide variety of issues including communication, project management, problem solving, creativity, time management, planning and the benefits of working in a team. Delivered with Fifth Dimension’s trademark mix of magic and humour, The Inspiration Game™ is an entertaining and inspiring session that is guaranteed to engage your team.

The Games Master™

Designed to build on the work undertaken in The Inspiration Game™, this works equally well as a stand-alone event. Fifth Dimension’s fun interactive workshop helps individuals and teams develop skills that are essential in the workplace, including time management, organisational skills, planning, utilisation of resources, decision making, leadership, creativity and dealing with change.

Confident Individuals™

Focusing on management and leadership in the workplace, this interactive workshop helps individuals explore ways of inspiring confidence in themselves and others. By teaching a variety of juggling techniques, including how to three-ball juggle, Fifth Dimension address these and other issues, including creativity and motivation, in a humorous and engaging way.

Quality Conversations™

Effective organisational and interpersonal communication is essential in any business environment – without it organisations will not survive or develop. Fifth Dimension’s Quality Conversations™ workshop provides an ideal environment to break down barriers in communication, and teach the skills required to improve communication in the workplace. Throughout the session they will cover key topics including tone and body language, emails, miscommunication, and respect.