Who We Are

Our style is dynamic; it is versatile and above all else meets the highest professional standards

Fifth Dimension is owned and managed by experienced business presenters and magicians Jeff Burns and Ivor Smith.

Fun and creativity are two of the most important elements present in all of Fifth Dimension’s work…

Ivor and Jeff (with now retired business partner Bill Duncan) founded Fifth Dimension in 1998, having met seven years earlier at the Aberdeen Magical Society. Now, nearly 20 years later, Fifth Dimension is a world-renowned company with an unparalleled reputation for excellence, innovation and professionalism in both business and entertainment circles.

Fun and creativity are two of the most important elements present in all of Fifth Dimension’s work, and they utilise their years of business acumen, magical experience and quick wit to produce an incredibly versatile service which is as effective as it is unconventional.

Fifth Dimension regularly work at high profile corporate events and while your clients (and prospective clients) are laughing, they deliver your key corporate messages. It’s like brainwashing, only funnier!

Jeff Burns
Jeff Burns

I graduated in Business Studies before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant specialising as a tax adviser (!) I’m also an award winning magician with over 24 years professional experience and now combine my business acumen with my passion for first class magical entertainment.

As well as entertaining, I have experience in production and stage management and have provided consultancy advice to a host of companies. I have designed and presented training material / seminars throughout the UK and work with many educational establishments.

Ivor Smith
Ivor Smith

As an experienced marketing manager I’ve organised seminars, presentations and exhibitions both in the UK and internationally.

A professional magician for over 24 years my magical and business skills provide a winning combination for clients and I’ve entertained audiences throughout the UK, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

As a result I received many requests, but despite these I intend to return to these areas again in the future. In the meantime I have more time to dedicate to working with businesses and their clients here in the UK.

My business background helps Fifth Dimension understand and focus on our client’s needs. I believe that it is you and not us that should be centre of attention. I keep the other one focused and out of trouble.