Health and Safety

Safety Doesn’t Happen by Magic

The key to workforce engagement in safety is keeping things fresh, fun and relevant.

Fifth Dimension’s unique approach to behavioural safety has seen them travel the world – from the USA and Europe to the Middle East and Asia – delivering engaging, entertaining, effective health and safety presentations.

Tailored to support your company’s specific safety culture, Fifth Dimension’s presentations at conferences, seminars and away days, both on and offshore, are an innovative way to address safety in the workplace.

Using magic as a visual aid, Fifth Dimension’ presentations are fun, impactful, thought-provoking and memorable, guaranteeing that your audience will be talking about safety long after the event. By engaging the audience with magic, instead of drawing on anecdotal evidence, Fifth Dimension can captivate your audience and reinforce your safety message.

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Fifth Dimension have utilised their unusual approach to behavioural safety to deliver a variety of safety sessions for many clients across a range of business sectors including oil and gas, maritime, chemical, construction, pharmaceutical, rail, energy, food and drink, universities, aviation, housing, police, engineering and finance industries.

Typical issues covered include:

  • Safety leadership is a behaviour not a position – we are all responsible for promoting a positive safety culture
  • Everyone has the right and indeed duty to intervene on any unsafe act
  • We need to keep our eye on the ball but also be aware of the bigger picture
  • Often we see what we expect to see rather than what is there
  • Importance of engaging in quality conversations
  • Hazard awareness
  • Caring for each other
  • Trust
  • Importance of following procedures
  • Understanding your role
  • Personal responsibility
  • Working together effectively


Fifth Dimension Safety Puzzle

Fifth Dimension Safety Puzzle Download our free icebreaker puzzle to use in the office or at briefings. Can you eliminate the hazards and stay safe.

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  • Probably the best safety training session I have ever experienced.

  • Very powerful, insightful, thought provoking and clear Safety messaging on life impacting topics- delivered in a uniquely stimulating, fun and memorable way…leaving us hungry for more.

  • Thanks again, the feedback has been excellent. The Aircraft Carrier Alliance SHE team have spoken highly of the session.

  • Well, what can I say……..what a truly fantastic safety training concept and presentation!! Any company out there who is struggling to motivate a multi cultural workforce, working globally in diverse and challenging environments, to think SAFETY, should give Fifth Dimension a call right now. Highly imaginative and entertaining presentations with never a dull moment throughout and a completely different way to get key safety messages to your teams in a memorable way. Hiring these guys was the best management decision I’ve made in a long time and was worth every penny.

  • I was first introduced to Fifth Dimension during a business network event, I was one of 24 people in the room and from the moment the presentation started we were all totally engaged. Following the event I knew I had to engage with Jeff and Ivor within my own business. They delivered three sessions for me to a mix of people on Health & Safety Awareness The method of delivery is both refreshing and dynamic. It is not very often an awareness session on health and safety is so engaging, however, Fifth Dimension have put a great deal of thought into the presentation and using their magic which at times is mind blowing, makes for a very entertaining and thought provoking session. A must for any business!

  • Many of the participants on the course arrive in the training room thinking “oh no…not another health & safety course”. We wanted to be able to engage them right from the start so that they would see the value in developing a positive safety culture and following the management system. The way the Fifth Dimension team pulled together HS&E and magic was extremely insightful, entertaining and engaging. It’s been great to be able to link back to your presentation as we delivered key lessons throughout the day. Your H&S Presentation has been a massive success and consistently rates in the top 5 activities when we evaluate how much participants enjoyed the activity and how much they perceive that they learned from it.

  • It was an excellent session where our specific HSE requirements were conveyed to the audience in an interesting and exciting manner. For hours after the event people were still talking about the ‘magically enhanced’ presentation but more importantly they were discussing the key messages contained which was exactly as we had hoped. I cannot recommend Jeff and Ivor of Fifth Dimension highly enough.

  • I highly recommend using Fifth Dimension to help focus any team on high performance with safety. We had them facilitate several workshops with our rig teams prior to bringing new drilling rigs into our operations. They used their impressive communication and magic skills to effectively engage the teams and help us deliver record-breaking performance in efficiency and safety.

  • With their safety-related magical presentations Jeff and Ivor got us to think differently about safety culture, behaviours and interventions. Their fresh, engaging and interactive approach to behavioural safety has lead us all to think about safety in a different way, which has inspired many useful conversations since.

  • Many thanks for the event last week at Carlsberg. Without exception the feedback was excellent from across the business and your delivery style and message held the attention of all the room throughout the day.

  • The sessions were fantastic, and the feedback the same.

  • Thanks very much for tailoring your sessions to our current campaign. The sessions were very well received by all and feedback has been fantastic.

  • With their tailored magical presentations the Fifth Dimension team challenged us to think differently about safety culture and behaviours. A great contribution to our day which has inspired many useful conversations within our organisation

  • By introducing an element of fun to the serious subject of safety you capture the attention of the audience which increases the likelihood of the message being absorbed. I haven’t had any negative feedback from anyone! That’s a major achievement when it comes to safety meetings.

  • Fifth Dimension delivered a fantastic presentation and the session was thoroughly enjoyed by all! The message relayed to the attendees was well received and all can take learning/inspiration from it.

  • Your presentation was great and it really made our Global Safety Day a success. I got a lot of positive feedback from the attendees and will be commending you to others both within and outside Cabot Corporation. Your HSE presentation was educational, entertaining, fun and possibly most importantly, memorable! I believe the issues you raised will be better retained in peoples minds through your visual magic tricks, which linked so well to the health & safety principals being taught.

  • Fifth Dimension continue to impress with their ability to build our own key messages and themes into their magical performances. I have now seen them present to small groups of Safety Reps and to large audiences of senior health and safety professionals and no matter what the size of the audience, their ability to engage, entertain and educate has been consistent and well-received

  • Fifth Dimension have now attended both our offshore supervisors and management seminars and provided engaging and relevant interventions during breaks in presentations and as energisers. Their unique and apparently understated approach catches the audience’s attention in a very effective manner and once hooked Jeff and Bill landed them each time ! The blend of humour & magic delivered a very powerful HSE message in an unusual way. Their ability to link up the messages within the presentations and seminar themes is extremely clever and reinforces these messages with the audience.

  • I just wanted to write and say a heartfelt thanks for your session at last week’s HSSE team away day. The team had not been brought together in living memory and it was a big step forward to get the agreement to have such a session. Your session was great to get people in the right frame of mind, and establish the type of event we were aiming for. I’m still amazed by the 3 Hearts invisible card trick – wow. So just again, thanks for a brilliant session and helping us to have the session we really needed to have as a team.

  • Thank you both very much for the excellent presentations. Everyone has been talking about them all day!

    Your unique take on the subject of health and safety seems to have made an impact and has certainly created a buzz around the topic. It was a refreshing change from all the dull powerpoint presentations of the past. The way you involved everyone was a really good touch and the feedback I’ve been getting from everyone has been really positive which is fantastic.

  • Many thanks for your presentation delivering very powerful HSE messages through an extremely entertaining session. The feedback was very positive and your performance initiated some enthusiastic discussion afterwards, specifically around the last act involving issues of intervention.

  • Fifth Dimension have helped facilitate HES training workshops for the crews of five new build drilling rigs. Their skills in communicating the message in fresh and creative ways have greatly enhanced the workshops and completely captivated the participants. Their magic tricks make the message memorable and ensure the audience is stimulated and challenged as well as entertained.

  • Great show and awesome job of tying in our Perfect HSE Days and Interdependent Safety Culture programs.

  • Fifth Dimension had an interesting approach to teaching human factors. They delivered powerful sessions and relating magic to patient safety was brilliant. The message from Fifth Dimension is a perfect end to the day.

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Case studies


Carlsberg - Time for Safety - A Case Study

Carlsberg have been running a Time for Safety event each year to develop and grow key people within the workplace into safety leaders. The company believe everyone can be a safety leader so each event has a mixture of managers, operators, union reps and directors. The philosophy behind the day is to take time out and away from day to day activities to focus solely on Safety, Health and the Environment.

When planning for this Time For Safety event Carlsberg wanted something different, something inspirational, motivating and engaging, something people would remember and would have practical application in the work place.

I would not hesitate to recommend Fifth Dimension to anyone wanting to affect change within their workforce.

We were referred to Carlsberg by one of their consultants as a company that would be able to deliver a session that would fit the bill.

After consulting with the main organisers of the event to establish the key learning and outcomes required we developed a daylong session that comprised a number of different elements. These included ‘magically enhanced’ safety presentations, breakout group sessions, facilitated discussions, and a safety themed team development workshop.

After the event the Safety, Health and Environment Manager at Carlsberg contacted us to say:

“Jeff and Ivor at Fifth Dimension took in all of our key visions, messages and lingo and managed to bring those key elements alive in people’s minds so they could assimilate them back into their job and workplace. All the magic tricks had a point and a message that was linked back to how we work and how we need to improve.

There was plenty of interaction and laughter to set this day apart from any ‘normal’ safety event and to be honest any event at all!

The best part of the day for me was the finale. This has had the biggest impact on our safety leaders. The trick used to illustrate the points of discussion made you feel helpless, guilty/embarrassed that you hadn’t intervened, scared of what was going to happen next and left you with a ‘what if’ feeling – all of which is exactly what can be felt when an accident really does happen. Rather than telling people this it is far more impactful to show and make them feel this way in a controlled manner.

At the moment we are focusing on behavioural change within our safety culture program and to change any behaviour a person has to want to do it and be interested in doing it. This is why we used Fifth Dimension.

The event was kept light, fun and simple whilst covering all the training material we required to develop our safety leaders. I would not hesitate to recommend Fifth Dimension to anyone wanting to affect change within their workforce. We are now looking at rolling this program out to all staff within the brewery. It has been months since the event and people are still talking about it!”

Swire Oilfield Services

Swire Oilfield Services were delighted to welcome international magicians “Fifth Dimension” to our Aberdeen base. Throughout four, 45 minute sessions, staff were wowed by their safety messages delivered through the medium of magic. Key, thought provoking safety messages were delivered through close interaction and audience participation.

The key message were:

  • Safety Leadership and engagement.
  • Team work.
  • Positive safety interventions.
  • Hazard reporting.
  • Looking out for yourself and your colleague.

100% positive feedback was received and below is a snapshot of the comments and takeaways.

  • Never be afraid to say “STOP”.
  • The spike trick made me realise the importance of an intervention. It could save a life.
  • I have seen “Fifth Dimension” before, but I go away having learnt critical safety messages.
  • Never ever take shortcuts with procedures.
  • Stay vigilant and use all of your senses to look out for unsafe acts and conditions.
  • We are all part of a very large team, and must support each other every working day.
  • Less PowerPoint presentation and more out of the box presentations please. That was a great set of messages.
  • Effective communication is vitally important.
  • All of us should be leaders when it comes to safety.
  • Excellent!!! Thanks to Fifth Dimension I have learnt some vital messages!