Energising Exhibitions

In an exhibition hall where hundreds of companies are competing for attention, few attractions can top the effectiveness of a powerful magical presentation.

Fifth Dimension’s experienced exhibitors use magic and humour to draw people to your stand and increase potential prospects.

More than just a sales pitch, Fifth Dimension can integrate your products and key messages into their dynamic magical presentations, ensuring that your company will be remembered long after the exhibition is over.

Whether exhibiting for leads or public relations, Fifth Dimension’s unique magical presentations will help you achieve your exhibition objectives. Research has shown that magicians receive the highest ratings, after product demonstrations, for product identification and recognition.

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Fifth Dimension can work with you to:

  • Develop powerful magical presentations that draw people to your stand, highlighting your key messages while increasing potential prospects and return on investment
  • Entertain your clients and guests at hospitality events

With a proven track record in developing and delivering tailored magical presentations, and a combined exhibiting experience of over 30 years, Fifth Dimension’s bespoke magical presentations have seen them work on exhibition stands across the world.

No stand is too big or too small for Fifth Dimension, who will work with you to tailor a presentation that fits your exact needs:

  • For smaller exhibition stands, a 1×1m space is all that’s required for Fifth Dimension to perform attention-grabbing magic for groups of potential customers
  • On larger stands, Fifth Dimension can work from a similar sized space, attracting passers-by with their incredible close-up magic. Alternatively, a small platform or stage allows for bigger presentations to be performed for larger audiences.
  • Fifth Dimension also provide top quality entertainment for all kinds of client hospitality. From intimate close-up magic to full stage shows, Fifth Dimension will create fun and excitement for your clients and enhance your corporate image.


  • It was excellent to have you on the stand.

  • The experience with Fifth Dimension was *exceptional*….you contributed greatly to our success.

  • … really helped in pulling customers to the booth … very effective indeed … added to the booth staff’s morale and energy to pursue business opportunities.

  • You were brilliant

  • We were able to engage and retain exhibition goers on our stand longer enabling us to present our corporate message to an interested audience

  • You were terrific! That was the largest crowd I’ve ever seen in our booth at SPWLA. Bottom line —You really helped us make a great splash!

  • Jeff’s ability to link ABB’s key messages at Offshore Europe 2015 with the magic he performed on our stand was FABULOUS! Jeff ‘wowed’ visitors on to our stand with his tricks and charismatic and engaging style. I would recommend Jeff and Fifth Dimension to assist any company wishing to promote their message in a unique and fun way.

  • We were looking to create interest for our stand prior to the event, and a performance to draw visitors and clients on the day. Ivor helped by first understanding our business requirements for the Expo and creating a unique experience at the Expo tailored to our business key messages. This allowed us to create an Invite to all our clients and prospects ensuring we had maximum exposure leading up to the event.

    On the day Ivor truly exceeded our expectations with his combination of magic and commercial awareness, a real buzz was created which drew a considerable number of visitors which in turn lead to business leads and opportunities.

    I would recommend Ivor at Fifth Dimension to companies who need maximise their exposure at events, and give a truly memorable performance which will have people talking about their business.

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