It’s Virtually Christmas

Posted by Ivor Smith on 17 November 2020 | 0 Comments Articles

With Christmas fast approaching we thought we’d give you a few ideas on how to pep up your Christmas party in 2020. Of course we provide in person magical entertainment under the right circumstances but with the majority of events being virtual this year did you know we can provide a range of virtual entertainment as well?

Here are some ideas on how to make your Christmas event really magical.

The Magicians Table

A fun, interactive magical experience for you in your own homes and offices. A mix of close up magic, mind reading and magic that happens in your own hands (yes, that is possible), this is a show that will leave you amazed.
Duration: 30 – 45 minutes
Requirements: Participants should preferably have access to a deck of playing cards or 10 business cards.

Not Saturday Night Takeaway

A relaxed, light-hearted event that’s definitely not a quiz, although there are quiz questions; that’s definitely not a challenge, although there are some fun challenges to solve, that’s definitely not a magic show, although there is magic in it; and definitely Not Saturday Night Takeaway.
Duration: 1 – 2 hours
Requirements: Some of the activities in this event are tailored specifically to each client.

The Juggling Workshop

The surprise hit of our virtual sessions, in the course of an hour we will teach you how to juggle 3 balls. We usually have a success rate of 80-100% of the group successfully achieving a ‘juggulation’ (technical term for doing a 3 ball juggle). It’s a lot of fun with lots of laughs.
Duration: 1 hour
Requirements: For the juggling session participants would need to have juggling balls. You can easily get these on Amazon for direct delivery to participants homes. Alternatively household items such as balled up socks can be used.

So the great news is that Christmas is definitely not cancelled and Fifth Dimension can help bring a fun festive event to your team or family event.

Contact us to find out more about the above options or to chat through some ideas for a bespoke session.

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