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presenting Following on from our initial blog post on creating the perfect pitch we now move on to looking at what to include in your pitch.

The right content is crucial to help you communicate concisely and quickly the unique benefits of your business your own personal talents, the solution you bring to your market and to work towards the hopeful outcome of engaging a new client, investor or valuable contact.

1. Introduce yourself.

  • Start with a brief, easy-to-understand sentence that includes your name, your company name and the service you provide.
  • Establish credibility.

    1. Your position in the company
    2. Company track record
    3. Are you unique / the first / the best

2. Give a high-level overview of what your company does.

3. Add a teaser.

  • An interesting fact or stat that will grab the listener’s attention.
  • Remember your goal is to immediately engage someone so that he or she is intrigued and wants to learn more.
  • The teaser should make you come across as knowledgeable as well as make your message clear.

4. Subject.

  • What is your message? What do you want your audience to understand? When your time is up they must know exactly what you want from them.
  • Cut the jargon. Avoid industry terminology.

5. The Hook – What’s in it for them?

  • Make your pitch relevant to the person you’re pitching to.
  • Talk about what your business will do for them e.g.

    1. discuss solutions that you provide
    2. how you can save the company money
    3. how you can help the company staff
    4. the value you provide

6. Show proof of demand / a track record.

  • Give examples of how your product / service / idea has benefitted someone else.
  • Investors want to know that you understand your market and how your product or service fits into it.
  • Buyers like testimonials that show the product / service works in the real world.

7. You.

  • Emphasise your uniqueness and your added value compared to others; what special things only you can bring.
  • Your vision – demonstrate your knowledge of the market and what your short and long term goals for your business are.
  • Highlight your growth potential.

8. Summary.

  • End with a strong summary of your key messages and reinforce the reason they should invest in or buy from your company.
  • Ask for what you want
  • Find out the best way to keep in touch.

When reviewing the above the amount you include in your pitch will obviously depend on the length of pitch you are developing.

In the next post we’ll look at putting it all together.

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