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Posted by Ivor Smith on 28 March 2019 | 0 Comments Articles

working together This is the first in a short series of blog posts that looks at creating the perfect elevator pitch. We’ll be exploring what makes great content, how to put your pitch together and how to present it.

The perfect pitch can help you out with many opportunities in life; job interviews, presenting to clients, even asking someone on a date.

But it’s particularly handy if you have your own business and need to communicate concisely and quickly its unique benefits, your own personal talents, the solution you bring to your market and to work towards the hopeful outcome of engaging a new client, investor or valuable contact.

The message should be consistent in everything you do

So what is it

It should be a concise, well-practiced description of your business, delivered with conviction and enthusiasm that anyone should be able to understand.

When to use it

The message should be consistent in everything you do. In addition to the short list above it can be used for:

  • every networking situation
  • bidding for work from a customer
  • your investor presentation
  • business conference introductions
  • the first paragraph(s) of your business plan
  • your executive summary
  • the first page of your website


So why bother with an elevator pitch. Well, put simply it will help you win, help you to

  • capture the investor / buyers attention
  • create a compelling argument for why someone should invest in your idea or buy from you
  • secure a longer conversation
  • secure another meeting that can help you move forward with your project/business
  • be memorable

Look out for our next post that will highlight what makes great content for your pitch.

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