Characteristics of Effective Teams

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Business strategies, processes and practices are changing at an unprecedented speed. Whether the change is large or small, the ability to manage it is a critical component of high performance. Ever changing market conditions means that teams must be continually evolving to produce great results.

However building great teams takes hard work and commitment. High performing teams have a range of characteristics that set them apart from the rest:

Great teams achieve great things but it doesn’t happen by magic, it takes hard work and commitment.

Effective Teams:

1. Plan

2. Are clear about what they want to achieve

3. Recognise the importance of challenging outcomes

4. Prioritise

5. Establish realistic timescales

6. Assess and review team member skills and capabilities

7. Recognise each person has a unique contribution to make

8. Allows members to show support for each other

9. Know their members and their skill sets

10. Share a high level of trust between members

11. Encourage creativity

12. Are flexible in their approach to specific tasks

13. Confront issues in an open way

14. Ask questions

15. Listen

16. Manage and deal with change

17. Have team leadership of a high standard in appropriate hands

18. Have sound and understood procedures for decision making

19. Have good relations with other groups

20. Regularly reviews individual and team development needs

21. Have good internal and external communications

22. Have fun and enjoy being together

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