Out of the Mouths of Babes

Posted by Jeff Burns on 28 August 2017 | 0 Comments Articles

Safety leadership from a 4 year old – TWICE IN 30 MINUTES!!!

Humbled & proud all at the same time. Today I had the privilege of looking after my 4 year old nephew. He is an awesome little dude. As we were driving, I was occasionally looking in my review mirror to check he was okay. He intervened on me and said to look forward or we might crash!

safety leadership – it’s child’s play

Later we had parked and were heading for some lunch at a drive-through takeaway when he saw a man standing on the road next to the pavement on his phone. Without batting an eye lid, he intervened again. He walked right up to him and said ‘you better get off the road or you might get hurt!’ The man, immediately stepped onto the pavement and muttered ‘sorry, thanks’. I couldn’t believe it!

Keep bringing safety home folks, our children ARE listening. So so proud of the little chap and humbled that he cared enough to intervene twice!!

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