Unbelievable feedback

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The Ultimate Impossible Object We were delighted to receive the following feedback from Jules and Daniela who were in the audience at one of our recent performances of our new show – Unbelievable.

Jules can be seen with us on stage on the extreme right in the picture.

“Daniela and I had an absolutely fantastic time at your magic show 2 weeks ago. The show was incredibly entertaining and humorous and the magic tricks themselves were truly unbelievable!!!

I’ve got to admit that my scientific mind cannot come up with any logical explanation as to how you were able to pull these tricks off. It’s hard to explain many of the tricks you did as anything aside from supernatural- or ‘magic.’

probably baffle me for the rest of my life

Most amazingly, the magic trick where you managed to interlink my wedding ring along with two other gold rings from the audience was absolutely baffling. How you were able to get three pieces of metal to fuse together and then unfuse will probably baffle me for the rest of my life.

I look forward to attending more of your shows in the future and would encourage everyone to jump at the next opportunity of seeing lvor and Jeff perform. You definitely won’t be disappointed and I guarantee you will be absolutely amazed, no matter how sceptical you are of magic!

Many thanks,
Jules and Daniela Smoke

Unbelievable feedback

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