Hollywood Nights

Posted by Ivor Smith on 06 October 2014 | 1 Comments Articles

The Magic Castle
Backstage with Neil Patrick Harris We hit the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles earlier this year to perform at what is considered to be the mecca of magic; conjuring up a host of spell binding performances at LA’s The Magic Castle, which has been a showplace for some of the greatest magicians of all time.

We were invited over to the States for the second time to take part in ‘Scottish week’, performing up to three times per night in the Palace of Mystery – the largest theatre in the Castle, which showcases On stage at The Magic Castle stage magic and grand illusion.

We are the only magicians based in the North East of Scotland to perform at the Castle – which is also the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts – and join a hugely impressive list of entertainers who have taken centre stage there.

One of the Castle’s most famous members was Dai Vernon, an expert in sleight of hand who was known as Backstage after a show at The Magic Castle with Stuart McCleod who came to see the show and Scott Land, lead puppeteer on Team America, who was also on the bill with us. ‘The Professor’ and ‘the man who fooled Houdini’. Vernon was the magician-in-residence at the Castle for many years, and often sat in the venue’s bar entertaining and teaching visitors and guests.

Other famous magicians who have regularly performed there include ‘celebrity magic hobbyists’ Cary Grant and Steve Martin.

We never imagined Sitting in the shadow of the great Dai Vernon in The Magic Castle. in our wildest dreams that we would be asked to perform at The Magic Castle, which is globally regarded as the mecca of magic so to be asked back for a second time to take to the stage at the Palace of Mystery, where so many legends of magic have performed, was a true honour for us.

Spending the week in LA in the company of exceptional entertainers was a real inspiration and we look forward to incorporating what we learned into our performances back home to give people a real taste of Hollywood magic!

Las Vegas
On Stage at Jeff McBrides Woderground in Las Vegas The following week we travelled to Las Vegas to perform at Jeff McBride’s Wonderground. A monthly showcase for magic and variety acts from around the world.

This was a real ‘bucket list’ moment for us as headlining a show in Las Vegas is every entertainer’s dream.

We managed to follow that up by being invited to sit at David Copperfield’s private Back stage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with David Copperfield after his show. table at his show in the MGM Grand and meet him afterwards for a chat. Altogether an incredible few days.

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