This is why YOU should learn to juggle!

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Over the years we have taught hundreds of people how to juggle. Usually in an hour or less. Whether chief executives or school pupils our approach is strikingly similar. At the start of every session we explain that we will teach people how to juggle 3 balls and then ask the group how many people think they will succeed. Very few people (often less than 20%) believe they will succeed in that time; but more of that later.

Simple Approach
Our approach is very simple, we show, we explain, we coach. We start by showing what juggling looks like, then we break it down and explain each individual step at a time. Once each step is mastered, we move onto the next step. Continually building and reinforcing the learning. Throughout this, everyone gets individual coaching and guidance on areas they are struggling with.

Letting Go
By far the most common problem is letting the third ball go. People really struggle with this. Yet juggling is much more about letting go than it is catching. You can’t catch something unless you have first let go! We open this up to allow learners to think about what they might need to let go in life. What is stopping them from moving forward?

encourage yourself to move beyond self imposed boundaries

A juggulation is the term for a full rotation of 3 balls while juggling. At the end of our hour-long session usually around 90-95% have achieved success. Although in a recent online learning to juggle session for a client, everyone achieved success. We then remind them of their responses at the start of the session as to how many people thought they might succeed. Why do we doubt our success instead of being more open minded? Why do we have so many self-limiting thoughts?

Health and Wellbing
Whilst juggling, we talk about how it benefits your health and wellbeing. For example, because you are focussed on hand eye coordination, it is very difficult to be feeling the weight of the world’s problems at the same time; in other words, your brain has a mini holiday! It’s a state known as relaxed concentration and commonly found to be the state that sports people need to be in to achieve great results. It also helps to improve coordination, ryhtym and timing. A 2004 report from the University of Regensberg in Germany found that learning to juggle causes certain areas of your brain to grow. The researchers discovered that the absolute beginners who learnt to juggle over a period of three months had increased their grey matter in areas associated with visual motion functions.

In summary, juggling is well worth exploring. It can help open up conversations that moves people forward, has a host of health benefits, is great fun and it might be simpler than you first thought…with the right coaching!

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Learn to juggle standing over your bed so that when you drop the balls (and you will!) you don’t have to bend down as much to pick them back up.

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