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Online juggling workshop As people start to prepare for a phased return to work over the next weeks and months, and with social distancing rules still in place we must continue to equip our workforce with the necessary tools to keep themselves safe and help improve individual and team performance.

That’s why we have developed a range of behavioural safety and team development presentations and workshops that can be delivered online via video conference platforms that still have the Fifth Dimension trademark interactivity, fun, powerful messaging and of course magic.

We can even make magic happen in the hands of the audience – wherever they are.

Topics covered include:
Safety, team development, communication, leadership, creativity, working together, goals, performance, vision, strategy and problem solving.

Get in touch to find out how we can inspire your team with the following presentations and workshops.

It was fantastic fun! Every office should do it!

Interactive Safety Magic Presentation
Duration: 45 minutes
A magically enhanced presentation that the whole group can experience together. The presentation will involve magical set pieces that will include everyone in the room and at other times draw on individuals or small groups to help us deliver the safety messages. We can also present pieces where the magic happens in the hands of the participants in their own homes.
Typical messages include:-

  • The importance of adopting new ways of working and thinking
  • Safety leadership is a behaviour not a position – we are all responsible for promoting a positive safety culture
  • The best way to predict the future is to create it – we need to create our own safe future
  • Working together
  • Planning – including reference to ensuring new work practices because of Corona Virus
  • Collaboration
  • Importance of following procedures
  • Take 5 – to check for hazard and ensure we see what is there as opposed to what we expect to see
  • Caring for each other

Interactive Safety and Team Development Workshops
Duration: 1 – 3 hours
These workshops involve magical set pieces but also utilise the breakout room facility on Zoom/Teams to break the group into smaller groups of circa 5 participants to discuss safety issues and effective team working as they pertain to their environment.

This allows the team to explore some of the issues raised in more detail which they then feed back to the wider group in plenary session.

Breakout room discussion topics are tailored to the client’s specific team and safety culture.

We can even make magic happen in the hands of the audience – wherever they are.

Interactive Juggling Workshop
Duration: 1 hour
This workshop helps people develop their leadership and management skills and attitudes and look at how to build confidence in themselves and others. The session highlights the important link between consistent practice, focus, goal setting and achievement.

The process of learning to juggle is used as a metaphor for learning new skills, new ways of working and the importance of letting some things go. Juggling is also used to open up conversation about health and wellbeing and the power of juggling to relieve stress and help calm the mind. When you are so focussed on the physical aspects of motion, the brain is rested from the day to day problems we experience. A fun activity, and in our experience most delegates (90%+) will successfully be able to juggle by the end of this session.

Get in touch to find out how we can inspire your team with our presentations and workshops.

Feedback from clients so far has included:

“Loads of fun”

“Excellent. Just what the doctor ordered”

“Great to get everyone together for a bit of fun and impressed you can even do magic via VC!!”

“It was fantastic fun! Every office should do it!”

“Who’d have thought you could instruct juggling over video call?– well, you can! We were juggling within an hour!”

“Great online instruction with Ivor & Jeff. What a fantastic way to not only have fun but great for mental health – you genuinely cannot think about anything else BUT juggling when you’re juggling!”

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