Conjuring up Creativity in the Work Place

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Winners - Creative Award - Trend Business Awards 2018 We were delighted when we recently received recognition for our creative approach to business at the Trend Business Awards by being announced as the winners of the Creative Award. We were given a Highly Commended award in the same category in 2017 so to win it this year is especially rewarding.

As a company we have used magic as a visual aid to engage, energise, educate and entertain audiences at business presentations, training workshops and as a promotional tool for companies since we set up in business in 1999.

However not only is the medium we use creative but we use it to help engender creativity in the companies we work with. While most of us recognise creativity to be key to running a successful company, it is much harder to identify exactly where such creativity might come from.

Some companies opt for brainstorming sessions and designated relaxation zones to encourage the creative juices to flow, while others seek creativity over a coffee in the canteen.

companies are increasingly open to the use of a creative approach as they realise the benefits it can bring to their individual organisation

However, in an age where businesses have to be more innovative in their working practices to remain competitive they are increasingly open to the use of a creative approach as they realise the benefits it can bring to their individual organisation.
For some the word magic conjures up images of rabbits being pulled out of a hat. However in a business setting nothing could be further from the truth. Entertainment and magic have a serious role to play in the world of work and we have created a world wide market for our services with companies keen to ensure that safety presentations, team development workshops and exhibitions are not forgotten as soon as they are over.

Magic inspires creativity and helps to enhance the learning process by being memorable – it is also a very successful medium through which to deliver a company’s messages.


It’s a theatrical art, but the sense of immediacy and suspense can captivate an audience in a way that other types of communication simply cannot replicate when it comes to getting the message across.

The Ideal Ice-breaker

No matter what kind of event, magic is guaranteed to provide a real talking point, and help break the ice. This is a definite advantage in sessions that often require individuals to work closely together without knowing each other well. Creativity will follow once individuals relax and are more comfortable with one another.

Memory Tool

Magic is very much an interactive art, requiring input from the audience. The kinaesthetic element to magic helps to make it an effective memory tool.

Customising is Key

In all of the services we provide customising the magic to ensure its relevance to the company is vital – this helps to ensure that the company’s key messages are central to the presentation.

Magic is the ‘X factor’ that differentiates us from our competition. By using magic as a visual aid, Fifth Dimension offers a range of unique, bespoke services that offer engaging, entertaining, effective learning and entertainment across a spectrum of industry sectors throughout the world.

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