Going for Gold - Getting a Head Start in the Office Olympics

Posted by Ivor Smith on 04 August 2016 | 0 Comments Articles

Usain Bolt Are you a medal-winning employee or an also-ran? Can you last the distance, or do you frequently fall at the first hurdle? The same qualities that make an athlete great can make you a top employee.

Your working environment is made up of all nature of characters. Being able to recognise these differing personalities is a valuable tool when it comes to understanding not only where you fit into the team, but how you can work together more effectively and achieve the desired results. It can also help you develop your talents in different areas by learning from the accomplishments, and mistakes, of others.

Gaining a greater appreciation for the different strengths and weaknesses of others can help you identify which areas you need to work on yourself.

See if you can spot your colleagues, and yourself, amongst these different disciplines:

For hard work and commitment, the weightlifter is second to none. Can be relied upon to support the group and can usually handle the pressure on their shoulders. However, can sometimes strain themselves by taking on too much, and will often huff and puff without ever really getting anywhere.

Versatile and flexible when it comes to meeting new challenges, the Decathlete certainly isn’t scared of being busy but can find it hard to maintain concentration on the task at hand, being easily distracted by other tasks. Usually solid and reliable, however they often lack the ability to excel at one particular area of their role.

Impressive to watch in action when they hit their stride, the sprinter is fast and efficient, but with an ego to match. Expect short bursts of enthusiasm, which then peter out, as they prefer to get things done quickly. Loves the spotlight and the glory that comes with completing a task successfully. Beware though – they may be over-reliant on the stimulating effects of coffee to see them through.

Marathon runner
The marathon runner gets on with projects quietly and effectively. Has mental strength in abundance, which means that they will see a task through to the end, no matter how long it takes. However, there is no guarantee they will finish it on time. Sometimes fail to pace themselves correctly on a task, setting off quickly, only to collapse over the finishing line.

The hurdler is willing to take risks, and will approach a problem head on and at speed. Quite quick, and generally deals well with any obstacles that block their way when tying to complete the task assigned to them. However, they don’t always look where they are going, which can result in a nasty fall.

Olympic Gymnast Gymnast
Not afraid to take a tumble, the gymnast is a deceptively strong, well balanced individual who is adept at turning their hand to a variety of tasks. Frequently has a maturity which belies their youthful appearance; however their dress sense can be questionable. At times a bit of a show-off, who can come to earth with bang.

Gaining a greater appreciation for the different strengths and weaknesses of others can help you identify which areas you need to work on yourself. In your career, this could make all the difference between making the podium and covering yourself in glory, or just facing the high jump.

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