Make Your Wedding Day a Magical One

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Fifth Dimension Wedding Magic As the Bride and Groom, it’s the most memorable day of your life. It’s only natural that you will want your guests to share in the magic of your wedding day and take away some cherished memories, so how can you ensure that everyone goes home happy?

The secret to a great wedding is to try and keep everyone entertained, however, that’s often easier said than done. The problem with weddings is that guests tend to be a pretty diverse group. Ages range from two to a hundred-and-two, and often it’s the first time that the bride and groom’s extended families have met each other. Mix in an assortment of friends and colleagues too and there is potential for some awkward social moments.

magic is great for breaking the ice and getting groups of people to interact with one another

A great icebreaker

People are usually more than happy to talk and mingle at weddings, but often they just need a little help to start things off. That’s why a wedding magician performing close up magic is great for breaking the ice and getting groups of people to interact with one another. It can also provide a common point of interest that can spark conversation as the day goes on.

Close-up magic is one of the best ways to incorporate magic into your day, because it can be as discreet or as obvious as you like, and the wedding magician can even create a unique effect for the bride and groom.

During the photographs

There are a variety of appropriate times during the day that you can introduce magic to amuse the guests, right through the day and into the evening too. Magic can fill the hiatus during the photographs for instance. This is a part of the day that involves a lot of waiting around for those not in the wedding party.

It’s also a fantastic means for relaxing those who actually are involved in the photographs too – magic can lighten the mood and make everyone much more laid back, just in time for having their picture taken. Because people are put a little more at ease, this can mean the difference between nervous, staged poses, and a more relaxed and confident demeanour, especially for those who dislike having their photo taken.


A wedding is a long day, and keeping people, whatever their age, out of mischief can be problematic! A little bit of magic can not only make the time pass quickly but can also help to make sure that the photos turn out well; the bride and groom can relax safe in the knowledge that their guests are being entertained.

Magic can also be a great way to start the reception off after the evening guests have arrived, but before the dancing starts – it creates a relaxed mood and can even encourage people to take to the dance floor without having to rely on too much ‘dutch courage’ first!

Other options to add some excitement to your day include close up magic during the breaks between courses of the meal, or a short cabaret while people are having tea and coffee after the meal. This serves as a great warm-up for the speeches. It can mean that when the Father of the Bride, the Groom and the Best Man stand up to speak, the audience are already in a receptive mood. Perfect for quelling those public speaking jitters!

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