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Collaboration Teachers do it; companies do it; magicians do it; as the song goes, maybe even educated fleas do it.

What is it? Collaboration.

It is fast becoming the new buzz word for businesses, organisations and individuals. In its simplest term, it means working together to achieve shared goals. And there is the key! Shared goals. Too many groups collaborate and the rewards or goals benefit one more than the other. But when it works properly it can be a beautiful encounter for everyone involved.

In its simplest term, it means working together to achieve shared goals.

Over the years, we have collaborated with a range of different people. Some to great success, whilst others have fizzled out with little achievements other than ‘life experience’. The successful ones have included collaborating with technical training providers to create fun learning events where the magic, humour and message are seamlessly woven together to create a learning experience that breaks down barriers, inspires and engages audiences and ensures key points are remembered for years to come.

Recently we collaborated with local artist Terry Cook to help magically give away some of his work. It was a fun fusion of performance art and contemporary art; the magic being themed to the pop culture art.

Many people don’t realise that in most major towns or cities there is a magic club. A gathering place for people interested in magic, who are passionate about learning and sharing their knowledge. Yes, magicians are largely secretive about their tricks but within the magic club most magicians freely discuss, share and work together on their magic. Simply put, they collaborate with each other to create even better, more amazing magical routines that defy explanation. This collaboration improves the quality of magic to the audience and helps magicians to learn new skills whether these are technical or soft skills such as presentation or audience management.

The greatest success within Fifth Dimension has not been our awards, our international travel or even our incredible blue chip client list. These things are all rewards of successful collaboration.

So today, how about spending a few minutes thinking of who you could collaborate with to make something great.

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